Boy Abunda on his basketball memes: “My name is LeBoy Abunda”

LeBOY James? Watch Tito Boy Abunda react on the trendy memes all about him!

Memes, memes, memes. The past few years were definitely made more exciting by our funny and creative memes that seems to resonate with certain groups of people. We have thousands of Facebook pages, even groups, dedicated to sharing originally made memes that connects us all as we laugh at its absurdity. You might even find some academic memes on your professor’s profile! That is how extensive the meme culture has pervaded us internationally.

No one can pinpoint the exact origins of memes or why they exist in the first place. The trend is so rich that it appears on your newsfeed at least 10 times a day. New day, new memes! Now it’s a way of showing people that you thought about them when you tag them in yet another trending meme that you both find entertaining.

Filipinos are not an exception to the attraction of these internet content. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that our use of meme has extended beyond its original purpose. We now use them for academic objectives, for expressing feelings, and most of the times for coping when times are tough.

The latest Filipino meme trend involves this popular TV personality who is up to date with all the showbiz chismis and controversies. Our main character for this week is no other than the Tito Boy Abunda!

His photos are all over social media with thousands of likes and shares for every different meme. Netizens edited his ‘basketball’ pose on different backgrounds which made it pretty flexible for all types of basketball memes. But how did this even start?

In an episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda last January 3, the host was taught by Grae Fernandez some basketball moves. Tito Boy demonstrated some of his newly-learned skills with his trademark game face on, and the trend began.

Basketball (and meme) fans have creatively spawned different memes centered around basketball and Tito Boy and the internet loved it. Lucky for us, Tito Boy seemed to be ecstatic too as he began the new episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda with his basketball moves, an obvious nod to the stream of memes about him.

After showing off his sporty moves, he opened, “Welcome to the program. My name is LeBoy James!” to which the audience gave a cheerful laugh and jeers.

“Some people call me Kareem Abdul Abunda,” he continued with a meme reference. The famous host sat down after feeling quite tired, but then the crowd screamed an enthusiastic “Defense! Defense! Defense!”.

On the LED screen of the show, they flashed some of the memes and had a good time with it.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the memes? Did it make you laugh?

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