Jinkee Pacquiao receives an expensive bundle of gifts from her husband, Sen. Manny Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao receives the sweetest gifts from her loving husband, People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao.

The life of Pacquiao’s is certainly one that we would always remember. Coming from a poor barrio in General Santos City, Manny could not have imagined that his life will become this big success story. All he had were tattered hand-me-down gloves, guidance from his uncle, and love and talent for boxing.

Do you know just how much Manny Pacquiao makes in a single fight? According to YES magazine, the amount can total up to $10 Million! That’s right! That’s how much he made just for his last fight with Jeff Horn of Australia in 2017. Imagine the number of boxing fights he’s been in, and the compensation this has brought to his bank.

Today, the Pacquiao family is living in comfort—more than comfort. They are known as one of the families who have grown accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle, that of luxury and the best things in life. They have three huge mansions, all of which are built on prime real estates and cost more than millions to be finished.

The happy wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, often shares photos of their properties on Instagram. Their family lives a life of constant vacations on their very own paradises, with a lot of time to bond and read the bible together.

Netizens also notice every now and then how Jinkee is always dressed in the best couture pieces from luxury brands. Her jewelry, her clothes, her makeup—all of them are the best of the best.

Of course, with a lot of resources in his arsenal, Manny never fails to give his wife the appreciation she deserves. A lot of you know that Jinkee stood beside Manny through everything. Even when he had nothing to offer but love, Jinkee had been there. Now that he has the world to offer, the wife enjoys everything she receives from the love of her life.

Jinkee’s post 2 days ago features her husband’s surprise gifts to her. Tagged in Los Angeles, California, luxurious gifts for her were strewn about. Chocolates, flowers, a Birkin bag from Hermés, plus coat and boots—this photo contains every girl’s dreams. Jinkee thanked her ‘babe’ for the wonderful presents.

This trip to Los Angeles, California was in preparation for Manny’s fight with Adrien Broner this coming January 19. They also made this trip to celebrate the New Year with the entire family. Jinkee posted a photo with all the members complete, posing perfectly with the beautiful sunset on the background.

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