Jodie Tarasek to Paulo Avelino: “He is a great boyfriend!”

Having privacy or the state of being free from lurking eyes watching over your personal life is something that everybody gets to enjoy. Being a private individual, it is easy for us to say “please mind your own business” to people who are trying to be nosy about our personal lives.

But not when you are an extremely famous celebrity whose life is expected to be an open book to the viewing public,

these celebrities cannot control what other people will say about their life even if they also deserve to have a little privacy, even a single social media post complete with a dramatic caption could easily be misinterpreted and spark unwanted rumors.

Good thing, some celebrities still manage to keep a little privacy from the smallest to the biggest detail of their life.

Just like Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino who has been very private about his relationship with non-showbiz girlfriend, Jodie Tarasek.

But just recently, the 23-year-old Filipino-Australian model girlfriend of Paulo was finally able to speak up about their relationship.

According to a Philippine Entertainment Portal ( report, Jodie has nothing but good words to tell about Paulo.

“He’s great, he’s great. Yeah!” Jodie told the press people during the relaunching of Aksyon TV on Thursday, January 10 at the People’s Palace restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

“I wish I could tell you something that he does to irritate me, but he is a great boyfriend,” she added.

Jodie was in the said event as a host and she will also be a part of the network’s pool of sports-event hosts.

Jodie revealed that she actually liked the way Paulo keep their relationship in private as it also helps them grown as a couple.

“And I kind of like it that way. I think it’s good to… I think that also attributes to why we’re so happy as a couple because we keep a lot of things private. So, I’m okay with that,” she said.

When asked about her feelings about Paulo having a son to his ex-girlfriend Kapuso actress LJ Reyes, Jodie revealed that at first, she was shocked when she found out about Paulo’s son.

“Yeah, absolutely. At first, obviously, anyone who finds out that… I mean, I’m young, and obviously when I first found out, ‘Oh, my God, he has a son!’” Jodie said.

“Then you realize, it’s a child and he’s the most sweetest boy, so there’s really nothing to it. You wouldn’t not hang out with someone or date someone just because they have a child. That doesn’t make them any less of a good person,” she explained.

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Source: PEP