Kris Aquino flew to Singapore for her health condition

“Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino flew to Singapore once again to have herself confined and checked after she admitted to the public that she has a form of lupus.

In her Instagram posts, she showed that she already underwent two tests, including a blood extraction.

“Survived the 2 tests. will sign off now. very tired. THANK YOU, you really are my strength. Promised you TRANSPARENCY,” Kris said in one of her Instagram posts.

“Finished blood extraction. Now starting my next texts. Very blessed with caring staff (iba ang Pinoy, thank you to all nurses & medical staff here saying they are praying for me ) and an excellent hospital. Waiting for the [redacted]/medicine challenge,” she added.

Kris followed it with another updated this morning that she will find out the results of her tests after lunch.

“Yesterday: Blood extraction in the morning. My endocrinologist explained his findings after lunch. Dr YK,my lead physician did more tests, too. Also had tests & readings from my cardiologist late afternoon,” she said.

Kris thanked her followers for praying for her condition. She also shared that her son Bimby insisted of staying with her in the hospital instead of sleeping in a comfortable hotel room.

“But my life’s biggest blessing is motherhood. When I’m not healthy, Bimb comforts me, by hugging, kissing, and saying “ i love you, mommy. FOREVER.” i fell asleep from exhaustion. i asked @bincailuntayao why bimb didn’t go to the hotel (part of the Singapore hospital complex) – regardless of alvin and 3 key KCAP persons w/ us here convincing him to rest in a more comfortable bed, nanindigan si BIMB, he said: i’m not leaving my mama,” she said.

In an article published in The Manila Times, Kris said that she chronic spontaneous urticarial but did not disclose more details as suggested by her lawyer Sigfrid Fortun because she’s going to make it easy “for your enemies to [end your life].

“Ang inamin ko po sa inyo is [having] chronic spontaneous urticaria and that is true. I did not want to specify because Atty. Sig told me wag mo sabihin ang iyong allergies kasi pinapadali mo for your enemies to [end your life].. But now I can tell you the truth, I’m allergic to every single medicine that can cure you or at least manage your symptoms kung may lupus ka. All my doctors are doing now is delaying it. They’re delaying the inevitable,” she said.

Kris is currently in a legal battle with her former manager Nicko Falcis for financial disputes.

Source: Instagram | Manilatimes
Photo Source: 1-15 Instagram