Watch this newlywed couple have their first dance while ankle-deep in thick mud

No one can stop this wedding! This couple got married while ankle-deep in mud and danced as if the situation isn’t strange.

If you have ever been invited to attend a wedding, then you probably know how big of a deal it is with the couple as well as the family and guests. From the preparation of the joyous occasion to the actual day of saying ‘I do’, everything is proof that the special day must go perfectly, or the marriage itself will suffer (happy wife, happy life am I right?)

Donned in a white, glamorous wedding gown, the bride is supposed to descend along the aisle while her prince charming awaits by the altar. As her hand is transferred from her father’s to her future partner’s, all eyes are on the bride, and the entire ceremony is just magical.

I bet you’ve never even seen a white wedding that lacked in decorations, flair, and matching dresses. It’s just what every wedding should look like! Whether it be inside a church, in a beautiful garden, or on a mesmerizing beach.

But this wedding is none like anything we have seen before. No wonder why it went viral immediately and was shared for more than 12,000 people on Facebook.

A couple of videos were uploaded on Facebook on the morning of January 9, 2019. It featured a man and woman (obviously a couple who just got married) having their first dance as husband and wife. The detail that gave this information away was the white wedding gown of the woman, which is turning into a muddy brown at the bottom. Well, it is not surprising considering that the newlyweds are dancing ankle-deep in thick mud!

As the saying goes, “the show must go on!” These love birds didn’t seem to mind that they were sloshing away with mud. This particular part of the reception ceremony involves guests putting bills of money on the couple’s clothes, so maybe that’s part of the reason why they didn’t mind the mud at all! Rain or shine or mud, no one can stop this wedding from happening.

This was not the first time that Filipino couples boast their ability to hold joyous weddings in the midst of extraordinary obstacles. An article written by The Asian Parent Philippines last August 2018 featured a couple who braved the flood (inside the church, by the way) and walked to the altar with their love and vows intact. According to them, rescheduling the wedding would even be more stressful, and the flood made tying the knot more memorable than they expected.

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