WATCH: Dozens of cockroaches discovered inside a telephone landline

What they discovered on this wall-mounted landline receiver took the phrase ‘bugged phone’ on a whole different level.

One of the greatest enemies of housekeeping is these little pesky insects we call cockroaches. They thrive in dark places, waiting for us to make the slightest mistake of dropping a crumb of our food that they’ll feast on later. And even if we keep our places squeaky clean, these resourceful critters will find a way to survive.

Some people haven’t gotten out of their childhood fear of roaches. I bet most of us won’t even admit to jumping up and down out of fear and disgust when faced with these little creatures. Sure, you can chase them down with a broom or slipper. But when they fly, you’ll race out of the house before you can even say ‘yuck’.

So just imagine the horrified reaction of a man when he found dozens of cockroaches hiding in plain sight under a wall-mounted landline phone. The image is stomach-churning and beyond intolerable.

This unlucky man was working on a property in Sydney, Australia and was tinkering on some stuff that he should take a look at. The telephone wasn’t working so he decided to peek at the inside of the machine to figure out what’s wrong with it. Upon breaking apart the apparatus, he was beyond shocked to find dozens of large cockroaches inside it!

According to Mirror UK, this man shared on Facebook what he saw: “I took this video while at work at a property in Sydney and thought maybe I should see what’s in there as it looked dirty and was not working.”

Netizens who were able to watch the said footage were quick to feel disgust as they witness the lifting of the telephone to reveal the ugly scene of cockroaches. Who wouldn’t want to vomit at the sight of dozens of pests we hate?

If you think you’ve got the stomach for it, take a peek at the video and see for yourself.

Now, cockroaches are pests that are hard to permanently banish in our houses. Hard, but not impossible. We must remember to clean, clean, and clean some more to rid them of dirty and dark places they can hide in. Seal off every cracks and nooks that you think might be helpful for the critters to thrive, and leave homemade, natural roach bait to eliminate them.

If it gets as far like the video has, maybe it is time to bring in the experts. But again, don’t forget to keep the surroundings clean. Nobody loves a dirty home more than cockroaches do.

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