LOOK: Thai transgender woman shares major transformation photos after operations

The new year is usually treated as a symbol for a new start, a fresh page, a new beginning, and a new adventure for everyone. People use January 1 as a reason to turn a new leaf and start anew with their lives and to correct everything that might have gone wrong in the previous years.


Some of the things that people usually aim for every year is to get their lives on track and to improve what they can when it comes to their physical appearances. People usually start these changes in their lives by creating a realistic set of goals or new year’s resolutions that will help them and guide them through their journey towards a better quality of life.

As the whole world welcomes the new year, people remain hard at work trying to get their new year’s resolutions in order. Some will get themselves a planner to track their schedules, others will finally get the strength to start on that gym or sports membership that they have been eyeing, others will start by buying a whole new set of outfits, and other may start by completely changing all the food in their homes to restart their diets.

There are different approaches to get the change that people would like to have in their lives, and one Thai national showed that this change – especially in physical appearances – may also be done through other means. In her case, it was through operations and choosing a different diet.

Pond Natthachai Tangchit is a Thai national whose post recently went viral after she posted several before and after photos of herself as she went through her own transformation.

The post was a collection of photos of herself from when she started her journey over 3 years ago when she still looked like a biological man to what she looks like now, a confident woman.

In her post, Pond Natthachai Tangchit also admitted that her weight was not ideal and that her skin needed to be fixed a lot as well so after getting basically her whole body fixed, she finally achieved her ideal physique.

Pond Natthachai Tangchit really changed almost every aspect of her physical appearance from her hair, to the quality of her skin, her nose, her skin tone, and she even managed to shed off her excess weight.


She uploaded her post last January 7, 2019, and since then, it has gained over 19,000 likes and reactions, over 12,000 comments, and has been shared and reposted over 65,000 times.


There are a lot of nice of the comments and reactions from fellow netizens as well supporting her and her choices when it comes to getting her goal body.

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