British national insults dilawan blogger Raissa Robles after the dilawan blogger tweeted Pacquiao-Ali are worlds apart, not equal outside

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Dilawan blogger/journalist Raissa Robles strikes again!

On Twitter, Robles slammed Freddie Roach’s Ali-Pacquiao comparison. Pacquiao and Ali are worlds apart, tweeted Robles. According to Robles, Ali stood against the Vietnam War while Pacquiao is a proud advocate of the [email protected] penalty and Duterte’s WOD. Robles begged Roach to please stop the comparison.

Credits to Malcolm Conlan for the screen grab photo.

Robles tweet did not make British national Malcolm Conlan very happy, who took to Facebook to tell Raissa Robles his sentiment and perhaps the rest of Manny Pacquiao fans.

Conlan bombarded Robles with a series of questions right from the get go, apparently to discredit Robles as someone who has no right to pass judgment because Robles herself isn’t at par when stack up against Pacquiao.

First off, Conlan asked what Robles has done for the country? For example, did she build a university, houses, give money to the poor and most of all, improve the lives of hundreds if not thousands of Filipinos?

Conlan also asked Robles if she was a shining example to the Filipinos, someone who has risen from poverty and an inspiration to many?

Conlan also inquired if Robles has spoken at Oxford University to inspire many?

If not, Conlan told Robles to zip her mouth because as far as he is concerned, Robles have done nothing except spread fake news against President Duterte and his administration.

You may read the open letter below now.

Dear #RaissaRobles,

I would just like to ask ma’am, what have you done for the Philippines?

Have you built a university or hospital? Have you given money to the poor?? Have you improved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of Filipinos?

Are you a shining example to the Filipino people of someone who has risen from poverty to become an inspiration to many?

Have you spoken at Oxford university to inspire many?

What have you done for the Philippines ma’am, other than spread fake news about the Duterte administration and the democratically elected President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Senator Manny Pacquiao is not perfect, none of us are. BUT I am very sure that he has achieved a lot more for the Philippines and Filipino people than you have.

I would also agree with his trainer, Freddie Roach. Senator Manny has become like Ali, he is an iconic figure worldwide and has done so much for others!!!


Malcolm Conlan

Your comment?

Source: Malcolm Conlan

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