Controversial retired broadcaster Jay Sonza says arrogance of owners of ABS-CBN to blame not President Duterte if it fails to secure franchise extension

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If and when ABS-CBN fails to secure a franchise extension or renewal from Congress because President Duterte just told them to sell the company, critics will certainly blame the network shutdown exclusively to the President.

In a Facebook post published 7 hours ago as of this writing, Sonza first dismissed the insinuation being peddled on social media, obviously by Duterte’s critics, that the President is the solely culprit of ABS-CBN’s closure.

As far as retired broadcaster Jay Jonza is concerned, this is not entirely true.

Sonza explained that the company can still continue other business operations except broadcasting if the LGU gives them business permits.

If they can continue operating other than broadcasting, then ABS-CBN is not really shutting down, correct?

Sonza said, “YES!”

According to Sonza, the government is not shutting down the company. What will happen after ABS-CBN fails to secure an franchise extension is that the privilege to undertake broadcasting activities shall no longer be allowed by the state.

Wait. Here’s the hypertension-inducing part if you are a Duterte critic and an ABS-CBN supporter!

According to Sonza, if there is anyone to blame if ABS-CBN fails to broadcast after march 2020, it is but the Lopez family for becoming over confident, complacent and over bearing, thinking they can dictate upon politicians their whims and caprices.

Sonza said ABS-CBN could have asked for their franchise extension or renewal long time ago (Cory, Ramos, Arroyo, BSA3 time) when they were very influential and the privilege giver(s) was at the tips of their fingers.

You may read the original FB post below now.

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