Jay Sonza to ABS-CBN: “Paano namin iintidihin ang hindi ninyo pagbabayad ng tamang mga buwis at kaukulang bayarin in the amount of billions of pesos?”

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Amid the drama whip up by ABS-CBN to gain public sympathy, support and understanding, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza fired back at ABS-CBN with important questions to throw off his former bosses.

In the Facebook post, Sonza opened by asking a clarificatory question to confirm if indeed the most influential and most powerful network in the country is now reduced to begging for public sympathy?

ABS-CBN. You’re asking for understanding, support and sympathy?

Like a seasoned predator who smells the blo0d of his prey, Sonza went on to fire a series of questions, apparently to focus the spotlight on the other side of ABS-CBN, not the pro-Filipino image the network has cultivated over the years.

First off, Sonza asked if ABS-CBN did show pity to their employees whom they fired from their jobs illegally. Worse, they sued them?

1. Naawa ba kayo sa libong kawani na sapilitan ninyong tinanggal sa trabaho at kinasuhan pa?

Did ABS-CBN ever show pity to the 104 million Filipinos who have to pay their loans from the DBP/government when they defaulted their loans?

2. Naawa ba kayo sa 104M Pilipino na kinakailangang balikatin ang pagbabayad sa inyong inutang at panunuba sa DBP/gobyerno?

Did they show pity to their almost 10K employees that they did not give social amelioration like SSS, PhilHealth and Pagibig Fund as required by law?

3. Naawa ba kayo sa halos 10K empleyado na hindi nyo binibigyan ng social amelioration tulad ng SSS, PhilHealth, at Pagibig Fund tulad ng ipinag-uutos ng mga Batas?

And lastly, Sonza asked ABS-CBN how the public will try to understand the allegation against them of failing to pay the correct taxes to the government that runs in the billions of pesos?

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