Jay Sonza offers theories why House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano is cuddling ABS-CBN: Got paid or a “tukmol” & traitor of the country

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This is the friendly reminder of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano after the latter expressed openness to tackling the issue of ABS-CBN’s application for franchise renewal.

Sonza opened the Facebook post telling House Speaker Cayetano that it is too obvious that he is just the mere “toy” of the oligarchs/feudal lords and that he is too obvious for the public not to notice how he cuddles the network.

Alan Peter Cayetano, masyadong kang halata na “laruan” ka lamang ng mga naghaharing uri (oligarch/feudals). You are too obvious for the public not to notice how you cuddle the network.

Sonza remarked that Cayetano is either handsomely paid by the Lopez family judging by his behavior regarding ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal or an ugly and stupid person who is also traitor of the country.

Kung hindi ka bayad ng husto ng pamilya Lopez sa inaasal mo sa usaping prangkisa ng abs-cbn broadcasting corporation, isa kang tukmol na tanga at kalahati na nagsasaulupong sa Bayan.

Sonza said he can understand why Cayetano is playing games with the Lopez’s because of one’s obsession to advance his political ambition.

I can understand that you are playing games with the Lopez’s in order to advance your political obsession.

No wonder Sonza remarked that the network is taking advantage of Cayetano’s weakness and political opportunism.

So is the network taking advantage of your weakness and political opportunism.

Sonza ended the FB post with a friendly reminder to Cayetano, that he is nothing but a cheap drinking glass to the eyes of the oligarchs that they can drop any moment and shatter into tiny pieces, hoping it will knock Cayetano back to his senses.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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