Danny of APO Hiking finally ends silence; announces Presidential choice in a gathering

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Danny Javier of the popular yet disbanded trio known as the APO Hiking Society finally ended his silence as to whom he will lend his support by announcing he is supporting Mayor Duterte.

Danny Javier announces his support for guess who Duterte 1

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The video appeared in the Page called Balbino KA BINO Guerrero and showed Danny Javier speaking in front of the young crowd.

The event was sponsored by “Bisaya Napud” a group promoting the candidacy of the Bisayan candidate, Rodrigo Duterte.

The former APO Hiking Society member and a Bisaya like Duterte opened the speech with an anecdote wherein Danny Javier recalled a conversation with the Mayor when they bumped each other, days before the much anticipated official announcement of Mayor Duterte.

Danny recalled that Mayor Duterte denied knowing he is running for President during their short conversation. Danny recalled, he asked Duterte about a post in his Facebook timeline that he is running for President. Duterte told Danny he isn’t running. When Duterte asked him who told him, Danny said he jokingly told Duterte, “No one but me who said you are running for President.

In the video, Danny Javier said that he attended the gathering sponsored by the group “Bisaya Napud” to once and for all ended the speculation who is the candidate he is supporting and that is none other than Mayor Duterte.

Danny said his former colleague in the APO hiking Society has already made his choice known and his friend is supporting Mar Roxas.

Danny also said he is not very visible in the campaign sorties of Duterte in the Visayas and Mindanao because he knew that his fellow Bisayans will take care of the Duterte campaign in the Central and Southern Philippines. To the delight of the crowd, Danny said he accepted the invitation to grace the event for the sole purpose of announcing his support for Duterte as official.

He said that after the event, he will go back to Luzon to rejoin the campaign sorties of Mayor Duterte in April 10 since he can rest easy, the Bisayan people will do the campaigning for Mayor Duterte on his behalf.

In the video, Danny expresses confidence in Mayor Duterte that even if Duterte’s rival will cheat in the election, still he will stay with the lucky guy, that is Duterte because he said that while touring around the country, he observed that Duterte has a huge following even if they don’t want to be counted (alluding to the surveys), the Mayor has a huge support from the people.

“Don’t doubt,” Danny Javier told the crowd. He said his initial plan was to come out before election day and do this on the television and say this:

Many Presidents in the country have come and go and none them were perfect. He said he is willing to stand side by side with Mayor Duterte, shoulder to his shoulder and say, “Mayor, even if there are only two of us, I will stand and walk with you until the far end of the earth.”

Danny Javier added that when the two of them needs to retrace their steps backward, he is not afraid as long as the people are surrounding them in a circle.

The speech of Danny Javier was punctuated with a noisy applause from the crowd attending the gathering.

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Posted by Balbino KA BINO Guerrero on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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