Pres. Duterte slams Grace Poe for nixing emergency powers, holier than thou attitude: “Sila lang ang, talagang ibig sabihin with all the integrity”

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A lady reporter
sought PRRD’s comment during a Malacanang press briefing regarding his reaction
on the alarming deaths of patients because the ambulances transporting them to
the hospitals get stuck in traffic.

PRRD wasn’t in a pleasant mood, in fact he was in his meanest self, though he still managed to joke at the lady reporter, calling her my love, in light of what transpired earlier in the day when Sen. Grace Poe rebuffed DOTr Sec Art Tugade who insisted that emergency powers is necessary to clear EDSA and do what needs to be done.

Female reporter: Sir yung mga pasyente namamatay ngayon dito sa Metro Manila dahil yung mga ambulance, ah nata-traffic. So, given the situation po, will you ask, will you beg for Congress to grant you emergency powers? Para maresolba po yung traffic? English translation: Sir, patients are dying in Metro Manila because ambulances transporting get stuck in traffic. So, given the situation, will ask, beg for Congress to grant you emergency powers?

PRRD reminded the female reporter what he said in the first few days of his mayorship (Presidency)…that EDSA is dying and it requires huge resources that is difficult to get funds if you do it under the normal process. It takes months. Then bidding and the corruption that comes with it. that is why he asked for emergency powers just like what was given to Fidel Ramos and Aquino.

PRRD: If you remember my love, (eliciting laughter from fellow reporters) yun yung sinasabi ng mga first days ko sa mayorship ko dito…na yung EDSA ina-ano na it require a huge resources at hindi madali makunan because kung idaan mo sa normal procedure, ah hindi naman agad talaga ma-process. It takes months. Tapos bidding, corruption na naman. Ako bilhin ko sa tindahan magkano yan? Emergency powers just like what was given to Fidel Ramos and Aquino.

PRRD said he is not asking, it’s up them and Tugade. When it was discussed in Congress, there was one lady senator whom he overheard saying she cannot trust the president because it entails a lot of money and she was worried about corruption.

Ako hindi ako naghingi. Sabi ko, bahala sila Tugade was one. Nung napag-usapan sa Congress, may isang lady senator. Nag-ano na kaagad, narining  mahirap ito you cannot trust the President malaking  pera yan because there will be corruption. Malaking pera to.

PRRD told Tugade to relay his message that he does not want it (emergency powers) in light of what he just heard from the lady senator (Poe). Then one senator said that they can discuss about it. PRRD responded by asking, “What for? I cannot complete the project, I cannot clear EDSA with the remaining years of my term?

Ang sabi ko, nakikinig ako. Sabi ko, sabihin mo sa kanila, wag na lang. Ngayon sabi ng isang senador doon sa isang senador willing daw pag-usapan. Sabi ko what for? I cannot complete the project, I cannot clear EDSA with the remaining years of my term.

Why? Because PRRD reckoned that if he grab it (emergency powers dangled by Congress) and by the time he left Malacanang, he was afraid that these people will put the blame on him for not finishing the project and accusing him of graft and corruption when in fact, he cannot complete it in 3 or 4 years.

So pagkinuha ko yan, umalis ako di tapos, may maiiwan. See? I told you?  Corruption. Tingnan mo ginawa may maiwan pa incomplete. When as a matter of fact. Verily you cannot compete the project within 3 or 4 years. Sabi ko wag na lang.

PRRD ended his monologue that when Poe should decide to run again for President, he will use this issue to stop Poe from winning.

But someday, maybe magtakbo uli yan. Yan ang ilaglag ko sa kanya. That if there is anybody responsible, its because may mga tao dito, Filipino. Siguro sa breeding nila extra-proud, parang sila lang ang honest. Sila lang ang, talagang ibig sabihin with all the integrity and…sabihin ko yan. But if the clamor Duterte (gesturing his hand)….Putang ina nyo, narinig nyo naman yan gagang yan. Bullshit sinabi ko. Mag-umpisa pa lang kami sinabi na graft and corruption. Eh di kayo na lang. Gawa nyo Presidente ang yawa na yan. Kay ako mismo magsabi sa mukha nya.

Kitang kita ang tindi ng galit ni Presidente Duterte kay Grace TraPoe dahil sa ka epalan nito sa isyu ng Emergency Powers para sa problema ng traffic sa Edsa. Sige, inuuna mo pa poe kasi ang ambisyon kaysa sa pag serbisyo sa bayan. Good luck sa bansa kung katulad lang ni Grace TraPoe ang magiging presidente – walang utak, walang malasakit, walang silbi, walang kwenta.

Posted by MindaVote on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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