Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza sets record straight why ABS-CBN unable to renew it’s franchise during Noynoy Aquino’s time

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Perhaps, to put an end to the Duterte bashing and finger-pointing regarding the impending non-renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook to set the record straight why the network failed to get an extension during noynoy Aquino’s time.

Sonza cited 11 reasons why the giant network is now in deep hole and in danger of losing the right to air their TV shows and news programs after March 30, 2020.

According to Sonza, as early as 2014, the network applied for a renewal or extension of its franchise during Noynoy Aquino’s presidency.

In fact, there were two bills filed for that purpose, one from an Isabela solon and another from Baguio.

However, the bills met strong lobby from majority of the cable owners nationwide. The cable owners were angry because Skycable, a cable provider owned the Lopez family, k!lled their business.

But here’s the interesting part. Noynoy Aquino’s allies in Congress did not support the bills asking to extend ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Noynoy Aquino did not bother to lift a finger because the former President had a “tampo” or held a grudge against the network’s leading newscasters for their harsh criticisms of his administration.

Worth noting that News5 and GMA 7 were able to get an extension of their respective franchises despite being critical of the Duterte administration. Sonza implied this fact debunked allegation the administration is harassing its critics to silence them, including the media.

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let’s set the record straight.

Why was abs cbn unable to renew or extend it’s franchise during noynoy Aquino’s time.

1. the network applied for a renewal /extension as early as 2014.

2. there were 2 bills filed for that purpose. one from from a Solon from isabela and another from Baguio.

3. the bills met strong opposition from majority of the cable operators nationwide.

4. galit sila dahil iyong kanilang negosyo ay pinasok din at inagaw ng sky cable na pagmamay-ari din ng abs cbn.

5. Hindi rin suportado ng mga kapanalig na mambabatas ni Aquino ang mga panukala.

6. matindi rin ang galit o tampo ni pangulong noynoy sa network dahil sa mga maanghang na batikos na inabot ng presidente mula sa mga announcer ng network.

7. noong maupo naman si ginoong duterte, isinampa ng kinatawan ng nueva ecija ang panukalang extension o renewal.

8. sa kasamaang palad Hindi umusad man l as ng committee level ang bill.

9. pagkabukas ng kasalukuyang kongreso agad nag sumite and nasabing kinatawan ng panukala.

10. sinundan ito ng 10 bills pa. Wala na order of priority ng Kongreso ang renewal ng abs cbn franchise.

11. samantala, ang renewal ng aluminum broadcasting (DWIZ) ay lumusot noong panahon ni Noynoy. And GMA network franchise at pumasa sa Kongreso noong 2017 at pirmado ni DU30. Ang TV5 franchise naman ay pasado sa Kongreso noong 2018 at signed by Pres. DU30.

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