Sen. Grace Poe’s believes “negotiated procurement” is the answer not emergency powers to solve MM traffic, lady lawyer says Poe is wrong. Read why!

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For the nth time, Senator Grace Poe, chairwoman of the senate committee on public services has called a senate hearing to look into the proposed provincial bus ban.

However, the focus shifted to DOTr Secretary Art Tugade’s requests to grant emergency powers to President Duterte.

Tugade reasoned the DOTr would have done enough to finish what needs to be done.

Poe took offense of what Tugade said because to her, he blamed the 17 Congress for the traffic mess when he could have done is to find solutions to the traffic problem.

Emergency powers, according to Tugade, sidesteps the bidding process and makes things to move faster.

However, Poe disagreed with Tugade and wondered why “negotiated procurement” was not used by Tugade’s DOTr.

Tugade failed to finish his answer to Poe’s question.

Was Poe correct?

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles said Poe was wrong.

In a Facebook post published just today, Angeles said emergency powers is still the way to go.

Negotiated procurement is the option when there is a danger to life or property resulting from man-made or natural calamities.

Angeles cited an example of a damaged building wherein it poses danger to its occupants unless it is cleared.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below.

Mali si Sen. Poe. Ayn kay Sec. Tugade sa hearing today, kailangan ang emergency powers para hindi na mag bidding, dahil matagal masyado ito.

Sabi ni Sen. Grace, bakit hindi ginagamit ang Negotiated procurement. Sa nakita kong video, hindi nakasagot ng buo si Sec. Tugade.

Kung time is of the essence, maaari lang gamitin ang negotiated procurement kung may danger to life or property resulting from man made or natural calamities. And halimbawa nito ay kapag nasira ang gusali ng upisina at kung hindi i-clear, baka may masaktan o mamatay.

Tila iniisip ni Sen. Grace na may danger to life or property na ang traffic. Posible yon. Pero hindi siya arising from natural or man made calamaities.

So hindi po pwede. Energency powers pa rin ang kailangan.

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Source: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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