TV5 host/lawyer advises US Senator “to never assume or listen to one side of story only”, hopes US senator sees stupidity of his statement

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Facebook netizen and lawyer Bruce Rivera feels it is his duty like all patriotic Filipinos to defend the country from foreigners meddling in our internal affairs.

In the Facebook post written in an open letter style, Rivera
lectured the Senator and a US senator at that to never assume things or listen
only to one side of the story.

First off, Rivera urged US Senator Leahy to ask how President
Duterte managed to get 87% approval rating despite grumpy old white men breathing
down on his neck. Rivera also remarked that the CIA cannot remove President
Duterte from office because the Filipino nation is behind him minus a noisy

As a US Senator, never assume things or listen only to one side of the story. First, wonder how a President is able to get an 87% approval rating despite grumpy old white men breathing down his back. Your CIA cannot remove him because the whole Filipino nation is behind him minus a few.

Rivera urged Senator Leahy to respect our laws, the very same
law that allows people who share the same color as Leahy a much better deal
than the darker ones. Rivera assured the US Senator that De Lima is tried in a
speedy, public and impartial trial. Rivera said this is the same judicial
system where the accused, De Lima worked as a lawyer, CHR Chief, and SOJ and
the same judicial system she used to preventively imprison former President GMA
until the courts acquitted her. Rivera assured Senator Leahy that De Lima will
be released if the court acquits her.

Let us talk about De Lima. Release her? Did you make our law that makes the crime charged UNBAILABLE? We made the law and you should respect it. In the same manner we respect your laws. The very same ones that allows people who share your same color a much better deal than the darker ones. We fellow our laws here in the Philippines. De Lima is tried in a speedy, public and impartial trial. The same judicial system she worked as a lawyer, CHR Chairwoman, Secretary of Justice and the same system she used to also preventively imprison our former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo until the same courts acquitted her. If De Lima is acquitted, she will be released. But do not tell us to release her before any court has acquitted her. And our Philippine Supreme Court has sustained the imprisonment. So what the f**k is your problem?

Rivera asked in jest if the US Senator was simply bored
governing less than 700,000 people in his state of Vermont that he wants to
interfere in the affair of a nation of 104 million+ people? Rivera suggested to
the US senator to invite the anti-Dutertes to Vermont since they have problems
replacing their work force because of two factors: aging population and low
wages, only slightly higher than Latvia?

Rivera advised the US Senator (Leahy) to get his facts straight
or better yet read. Or the Senator give the Philippines a visit to see for himself
how wrong he is. However, Rivera sounded confident the US Senator isn’t visiting
Manila anytime soon because he is a lazy American, who would rather sit behind
his desk and rely on the internet and the information that arrives to his lap.
Rivera said that people like Maria Ressa came to him for a reason. They have an

Rivera pointed the obvious to the US Senator regarding Maria
Ressa whom he said isn’t politically persecuted as she wants the international
community to believe. In fact, Ressa is free to spread lies and hatred against
Duterte. In other words, Ressa can say anything, write anything and Duterte isn’t
stopping her from talking. The problem with Ressa is that less and less people
believed her. Unlike before where she can influence public opinion, today it is
a different story altogether. Rivera called it an issue of credibility rather
than freedom.

Rivera wanted the US Senator to correct him that he is giving
the impression he is kind to tax evaders like Ressa because she is a journalist.
If Ressa violated IRS laws or even a local tax law in Vermont and the US filed
a case against Ressa, how would the US senator feels of Putin tells him to stop
harassing Ressa?

No one is making Ressa stop yapping about Duterte. Not even Duterte could stop him. Your allies are butchering journalists in embassy walls and you act as if Ressa is being stymied. Rappler is not censored and allowed to be accessed by the public in the Philippines. Ressa is going around the world spewing hatred against Duterte acting like she is more American than Filipino and you tell us that we should give her a voice.

Sir, she has a voice. A very very noisy voice which we endured listening because your CNN made her the hideous icon that she is. In fact all journalists in this country are free to say what they want. In fact, we get punished more if we say something bad against Ressa, Ellen Tordesillas etc because they fact check Facebook and they can suspend me or mass report me for writing this article as they did many times in the past. So, who is the bully now??

My point is, Ressa can say anything and we hear it. Problem is, nobody inside this great nation of ours is listening to her albeit a few people who look like her or think like her. Her Rappler can change public opinion before but not this time. It is more an issue of credibility than freedom. And do not tell me that as a US Senator, you are kind to tax evaders just because they are journalists. If Ressa violated IRS laws or even local tax laws in Vermont and the US filed a case against her, how would you feel if Putin tells you to stop harassing her?

Rivera ended the FB post wishing the US Senator to see the stupidity
of his statement.

Hope you sleep soundly…

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Source: Bruce Rivera

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